Early diagnosis is that the Key to Improved Results

Treatment advancing apace, in Technique, effectiveness and availableness

Misconceptions, fear and info abound among the general public once it involves brain tumor’s. True is combined by half-cooked facts floated in social media, movies, and therefore the “IDIOT” Syndrome – internet Derived information Obstructing Treatment.

And during a lighter vein, each Indian is born with a medical degree!

“Brain Tumour” may be a very loose and generic term, encompassing a large variety of conditions, from the completely benign to some very malignant and forbidding ones.

Any uncontrolled or abnormal growth of the varied types of cells within the brain will cause a tumour – technically it simply implies a lump. Symptoms and signs of a tumour within the brain arise due to

  1. Raised intracranial pressure –
  • Confusion within the early stages will progress to unconsciousness, if untreated
  • Headache, especially early morning and related to nausea and vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  1. Impairment of a bodily process due to the precise location of the tumour –
  • For instance, Paralysis, speech, imbalance abnormalities from brain tumours in motor areas of the brain
  • Impaired vision or hearing from compression of optic or acoustic nerve severally.
  1. Secretion of sure substances from the tumour
  • A common example of hormone secretion or suppression from the pituitary tumours
  1. Electrical pathology resulting in seizures
  • From minor tingling or momentaneous blank episodes to full-blown grand mal seizures
  1. Any combination of the on top of.

Yet, brain tumours will be diagnosed additional simply and rapidly currently due to widely available scans. Early symptoms like confusion, headache, vomiting, visual or hearing issues, seizures etc… are common to different conditions.  High suspicion of the index within the medical fraternity is required to rule out or rule the condition.

Further refinement is achieved in some cases by roentgenography (DSA), spectrography (MRS), tractography (DTA), electrophysiological tests, and secretion assessments within the blood.

Treatment is like fighting a war, a team effort of varied specialists. From multipronged attacks to masterful inactivity and watching, tumour treatment within the brain needs judgement and continued efforts from the diagnosis to long periods post-treatment.

The basic ways of treatment embrace


  1. Surgery, that in most cases remains the cornerstone.
  • Classical open surgery
  • Minimally invasive techniques together with endoscopic procedures
  1. Radiotherapy
  • After surgery as an adjunct
  • After a stereotactic biopsy of constituted malignant tumours
  •  As a primary modality in sure inoperable, very little benign tumours
  1. Chemotherapy
  • Usually for malignant tumours as an adjunct when surgery
  • Drugs to control/resolve sure hormone-secreting tumours like pituitary adenomas
  1. Immunotherapy
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Targeted molecular medical care
  1. Gene therapy

At present, largely experimental however with promise within the future

Endoscopy is creating speedy advances in accessing as yet difficult to approach areas of the brain, esp. skull base. However the experience during this is restricted to sure dedicated centres and surgeons. The educational curve of those advanced examination procedures is steep, however the benefits can build them the well-liked technique in future.

Safe neuro physiological condition, care within the ICU within the immediate post-operative period, smart physical therapy and rehabilitation in patients with neurological deficits have improved expertly nonheritable by dedicated professionals.

Overall, the risks related to surgical operation and treatment of brain tumours has become terribly low within the previous few years with improved results. The intangible barriers of mental object and misconceptions, if overcome, the advantages of treatment so much outweigh the morbidity and mortality of not treating brain tumours.

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