Best Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Are you suffering from back pain????Then neurosurgeon should be your best choice. Your Neurosurgeon will help you to diagnose the cause of back pain, and if required be can surgically correct the issue. Spine surgeon usually corrects the structural abnormalities of spine, and treat various injuries to the vertebra, spine or discs. Spine problems exists due to advanced age, bad sitting posture, long working hours and unhealthy life style. Spine surgeons usually use compression / decompression or instrumentation techniques to move and fix abnormal shapes and structures of spine. Dr Deep Parmar is the best spine surgeon in Ahmadabad

spine surgeon in Ahmadabad

Spine surgery is only required when conventional techniques like physiotherapy etc. does not work. Pain management is done using medicines, but they can’t be used forever and have potential side effects. When chronic pain effects someone life style and ability to work is reduced then surgical correction is only potential option left.

Spinal pain / back pain can be caused most commonly by disc protusion of lumbar spine, ligamentum flavum hypertrophy, lumbar spine fractures.Sometimes lumbar nerve compresses which radiates pain in other parts of body eg foot, leg, thighs neck , shoulder, arms, for arms etc

75% of patients of back pain suffer for 5-6years with severe pain, before going to surgery. If nerve compression is moderate to severe, no medication/exercises can help the patient, the ultimate solution to get relief from pain is SURGERY . Surgery is the only treatment if neurological deficit has started in patients. There are various techniques in surgery eg. minimum invasive surgery, laser surgery, open surgery etc. Your doctor will be able to tell you exactly what is the recovery time of surgery. It could take somewhere between few weeks to few months depending on type of surgery required. Your doctor will explain you techniques to clean wounds/cuts after surgery to prevent infection. You might need a family member to support you in your day to day activities after surgery. The prognosis of spine surgery is very good and with advancement of technology, success rate of spine surgery has reached upto 95%, and most people who opt for spine surgery do have better quality of life after surgery.  Dr Deep Parmar is best spine surgeon in Ahmadabad, call him at +91- 8488058592

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