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Dr. DEEP PARMAR - well known Neurosurgeon by his profession in Ahmedabad

Dr. Deep Parmar is an eminent neurosurgeon in Ahmedabad who has accomplished meticulously training in delhi to deliver the best surgical treatment to the patient. He is a master with enormous experience in his profession. He is a master of arts with proper knowledge of brain and spine surgical treatments with immense knowledge of Neurosurgical diseases. He has skills with proper management knowledge in epilepsy surgery, brain tumors, spine tumors, slipped disc, head injury, pediatric neurosurgery, treatment of brain hemorrhage, treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, vascular neurosurgery, congenital anomalies, hydrocephalus, and treatments like stereotaxy and endovascular for cerebrovascular diseases. He has the immense ability to handle patients single-handedly. He has been credited with conducting some record-break treatments in the field of Neurosurgery. Some expertise out of them are below for getting the best treatment from him with a harmonious environment

  • After completion of MBBS , he appeared in NEET-PG and awarded with glorious rank, so he got qualified for MS ( GENERAL SURGERY) in his preferred institute GOVT MEDICAL COLLEGE SURAT, Just after passing MS GENERAL SURGERY, he got selected for his DREAM BRANCH , “NEUROSURGERY” and that too in THE BEST INSTITUTE of INDIA ” VMMC AND SAFDARJANG HOSPITAL, NEW DELHI.
  • This institute is CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and it has Highest volume of patients all over India, and he also got exposure in ultra modern operating theatres and technologies.
  • He has overall 8 years of experience as practicing doctor and 4years of glorious experience in the field of NEUROSURGERY. In his medical career he has been awarded for 2 GOLD MEDALS. 
  • Dr Deep Parmar , has pursued his career in Neurosurgery at Safdarjang hospital , new delhi. During the period of Neurosurgery training he has got exposure to various cases related to Brain and Spine disorders.
  • After 3 years of training , he has also worked in Safdarjang hospital for for short period of time and after that he came to his HOME TOWN AHMEDABAD.
  • Indian Medical Association
  • Neurological Society of INDIA

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Spine fractures is varying on the stringency and area of the spine. Several spine fractures maybe require immediate surgery. And, a low calcium intake is another spine fracture that can be the result of osteoporosis. The development of osteoporosis is a long-running deficiency of calcium. Daily intake of some amount of calcium can cause of save you from osteoporosis. Then also you suffer from this case need of checking via best neurosurgeon. The most satisfactory neurosurgeon is played the best role in this type of disease. While Dr. Deep Parmar is the most satisfactory neurosurgeon in Ahmedabad by devotion to the profession of a neurosurgeon. He is an admirable neurologist in Ahmedabad who provides the best possible treatment for spinal fractures. He has art to deliver easy treatment of spinal injuries from cervical vertebrae to sacral vertebrae. He is an achiever for delivering single-hand surgery to the patient. As an ex, paraparesis and quadriparesis treatments.


Generally, neck pain is called cervical disc disease, and back pain is called lumbar disc herniation. The problem of disc disease is can be treated in an effective way. The most common cause of this disease is neck pain and spine pain. If you passing now from this disease is time to check through a good doctor. It’s good for you can get the best treatment as soon as possible. A skilled, experienced doctor is dominant for you while you suffering from disc disease.Dr. Deep Parmar is a master and has vast experience in this disease. The patient is free from disc diseases and makes them like before is Dr. deep Parmar taking as an enormous opportunity with effective adjudication and a traditionalist system.


A newborn baby’s spine does not form properly during pregnancy is spinal dysraphism. Then, the spinal cord is exposed to the environment inside or outside the body. Generally, it is a visible and invisible order formed in the baby. If your newborn baby is passing from this condition then need of checking via a reputable neurosurgeon at a rapid pace. Yes, You need the best doctor for this condition for the secureness of the baby. As we know, Dr. Deep Parmar is a master in spinal dysraphism. He has a considerable experience in meningomyelocele, spina bifida, lipomeningocele, tethered cord, and various other spinal dysraphism with huge expertise. choosing the best doctor is good for your baby and saves your baby life in the best way.


The abnormal growth of tissue of the brain or spine is the tumor. The primary components of the central nervous system are the brain and spinal. It is possible to convert into serious conditions like cancer. Checking from the right surgeon is the best thing. However, If we talk about the treatment of this disease is divided into three parts surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. As knowing, He has the immense skill to recover from this disease. If you are looking for the best doctor in Ahmedabad, then you are at the right place as Dr. Deep Parmar has 4 years of experience in this disease. Also, 200 cranial and Spinal tumors were operated on by him. As an example, meningioma, gliomas, glioblastomas, cystic tumors, pineal tumors, pituitary adenomas, craniopharyngiomas, and schwannomas are operated on by him.


Vascular disorders are connected with your body part like arteries, veins, and vessels are convey the cardiovascular system to disorders that affect your bloodstream is the cause of blockage of your blood vessel by embolus or thrombus. In the case of this, you have to need to check via the finest neurosurgeon. Dr. Deep Parmar is a specialist for vascular Disorders. If you suffering from a disease like Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Atherosclerosis, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, and Deep Vein Thrombosis, he will help you as best as possible way and free your suffering from this type of disease. He also expertized in neurosurgeon testing with management skills of Vascular disorders like Aneurysms, AV malformations, Cavernomas, Stroke Disorders, Moya diseases. Be free from disease with Dr. Deep Parmar.


Sudden injury of the brain might cause damage to the brain. The blow, bump, or jolt to the brain is the cause of happening traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries arise when an object pierces the skull. While you are suffering from traumatic brain injuries is time to need for a check by the most suitable neurosurgeon. And, yes you read it is right, our neurosurgeon Dr. Deep Parmar is a master of the art to free from it without any worry. He is a superintendent to the management of art in EDH, SDH, ICH. He has an art of management with traditional importance to rejuvenate fractures of the skull. He has a record-breaking experience of rejuvenating head injury with a stress-free environment to give the patient. He has the art of vulnerability to give an organized treatment of HEAD INJURY patients who are unable to respond to people and activities at the time of acknowledgment.

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